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Midwest Book Review (February 11, 2010)

Mothers, sisters, friends, lovers, women are an important part of anyone’s life. In Praise of Strong Women is a memoir from psychologist David Kirkpatrick as he remembers the powerful women in his life, the women who shaped his being and turned him into who he is today. Inspirational and poignant, he discusses the spirit of strong women starting with his grandmother and remembering the other iconic women who stood up for themselves and their beliefs in a male-dominated world. In Praise of Strong Women is a read that should not be missed for women’s studies collections.

The Wisconsin Bookwatch

Inspiration and poignant. In Praise of Strong Women is a read that should not be missed for women’s studies collections.

What Members of the Healthcare Profession said about In Praise of Strong Women:

David Kirkpatrick has written this book from his heart. He is a rare psychiatrist who is a humanist, interested in the importance, to us all, of the social world of relationships. This is a memoir full of love and admiration and thankfulness for the lessons he has learned from his female relatives, teachers and partners.

Caroline Crowder, PhD, author of Eating, Sleeping and Getting Up: How to Stop the Daily Battles with Your Child.

I was raised by strong women. I owe my life to my Jewish mother who courageously gave away her infant son and to my Christian mother who sheltered me for three years during the Holocaust. Their actions were heroic. In this marvelous book Dr. David Kirkpatrick describes the contributions of the heroic and courageous women in his life. With wit and wisdom he relates their stories. In recognizing their impact he illuminates how the actions of strong women reverberate in our own lives as they did in mine.                                                Robert Krell, MD, author of And Life is Changed Forever: Holocaust Childhoods Remembered.

I am in awe of David Kirkpatrick’s ability to capture and describe emotions so eloquently. In this intimate memoir, he meticulously records his personal growth resulting from living with strong girls and women. I laughed, I cried, and I marvel at his courage, insight, wit and generosity-qualities of a great writer and human being.                                                       -Cynthia C. Scalzi, RN, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing and Wharton School, and author of numerous journal articles and textbook chapters on nursing management.

This unique memoir is a paean to women. It is soulful and inspirational. The reader joins Dr. Kirkpatrick on a bold trajectory as he examines the many key female figures who have shaped his life. He writes well-with sparkling prose, engaging anecdotes and quirky humour . . . I unreservedly recommend Strong Women to men and women alike. Dr. Kirkpatrick’s wisdom is from the trenches-as a psychiatrist, wounded healer and teacher.     –Michael F. Myers, MD, author of How’s Your Marriage? A Book for Men and Women.

 What Readers said about In Praise of Strong Women:

Full disclosure at the outset: this book is largely about my older sister. But I would recommend it even if you never knew and loved Betsy because it’s clear the author (David Kirkpatrick) understands love himself, as well as the strong women in his life. You’ll learn about several wonderful people here, but you’ll learn about yourself, too. David is a psychiatrist, but don’t let that put you off. His insights will warm your heart and make you ask serious questions about your own relationships. It really ought to be on Oprah’s Book Club or somehow get wider readership.                                                                                                   -F. LaSor. Published on

Your insight into your younger years is very interesting. I could not put the book down for hours.                                                                                                                                                                     -Letter from Lawrence Bowers

 Loved the book! You did a great job of describing how the women in your life shaped your personality and destiny. I took the book to my daughter.  She has a degree in Psychology as do I, and she is enjoying it, too.                                                                                                                      -Letter from Lorraine Picker

I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying reading your book. You have such a great writing style and it was a real bonus having heard you read from the book.                               -Letter from Ilana Leviton